Friday, November 12, 2010

Wrotten Day

The wrotten day started yesterday, when my lap top computer died. Chris had a nice monitor, but I had shipped the tower to his sister Alice. That in it's self is another long story. Anyway today I was crying and going crazy without a computer. I found a tower at a very reasonable price at a whole sale computer store. I know Alice was ready to kill me, because I kept calling her and asking her how to set up this thing. It is so much slower than my other one and I have lost all my pictures and stuff from my hard drive on the lap top. Alice thinks she can retieve the information. I really hope so because it has my last several years of taxes on it.  She lives so far away it cost a fourtune to ship to her. I'm going to check out that "flat rate" postal shipping and see what it cost. This thing is slower than Christmas for a child! 

Chris always had the best computer stuff and I would get his "left overs". Believe me when I say his left overs where a lot faster than this. I am thankful I have something to work on. Whem I'm no so stressed out I got to try to connect the printer. I didn' have any problems when I attached it to my laptop. I really am not a patient person. I'll try to "creep" around to some blogs. Later!


RCUBEs said...

I hope it works out okay soon! Take care. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Oy! Computer trouble is never fun! I'm sorry. I wish I could help but I know very little about computers. In fact, I revere people like Chris who are so tech-savvy.

I hope your day improves. (((Wanda)))

Wishing you well,

Alice said...

i wasnt upset. i just wasnt awake. i ket waaking up every couple houres wether u caled me or something else. only news i got out ups is they dont know when they geting check they hoing to have it fist of the week. alice