Alice's Amazing Journey

Alice was born August7,1979 and named Brian Lee Arthington. At the time of her birth we did not know that she was born with both sex organs of  male and female. The external organs were male,so it was naturally assumed we had a baby boy. Brian weight was 10 lbs at birth and he was deliver an emergency C-section. Brian was in sever distress at birth and we were unsure if he would live through his first days on earth.  Brian was in intensive new born nursery. I remember seeing this huge baby lying next to all the tiny premature infants. I was too sick at the time to touch him. It was breaking my heart not to be able to hold him, but I was running such a high fever the doctors did not want to take the chance of me giving anything to him.

Brian grew fast all though he was still sickly for the first few years. His development was a little slow, but not that far from the "normals".

Brian and his brother Chris got alone fair.  They were both very hyper active and didn't see things eye to eye. They would  play together for a little while. One thing they enjoyed doing to together was swimming.

Brian loved animals from a very young age.  He has had a cat, fish, and guinea pigs. At the age of 6 he was having trouble in school. At this time he was diagnosed as ADHD, gender disorder, and schizophrenia. He not only preferred to be and play with girls, but had begun to hear voices. At time we were most concerned with the schizophrenia. He was in and out of hospitals many times even at his young age and placed on medication.  It took a long time to find a medicine that would stop the "voices". We still did not realize how tormented he was by his gender.  

We continued to raise Brian as a young man not really understanding that he was still so tormented.  School was very difficult  for him and he was constantly bullied. At the time Brian main interests were video games and cartoons. He was definitely not into sports. We continued to seek out the best mental health that was available at the time for him. 

Brian's best friend in high school was Bart. They were in a class for the emotionally disturbed. Bart accepted Brian wanting to be female.They did hang out together for the 4 years he was in High School.

The  picture above was taken at my mother funeral and it was the last time Brian went by that name.  

At 18 years years old the mental health association had a new housing program for those that were under their treatment. Brian move in and began to live his life as a woman.. One year later he officially changed his name to Alice P. Arthington. As a mom this took a little getting use to, but she was now my daughter and I loved her with all my heart. Alice's bad luck continued when she accidentally caught the apartment on fire. Of course they evicted her. The plan was for her to spend 3 days in a homeless shelter so she would be eligible for a government assisted apartment again. This backed fired and she was hurt by some mean people. 

Alice met some friends through a group for gays, lesbians, and trans-genders. Her best friend was Jen who she became very close to. They were almost inseparable. Jen was inter sexed also. Jen would do anything for Alice. Alice also meet Ron at about this time who became her boyfriend and her protector. Jen died a few years ago and that sent Alice into a deep depression that she has never totally recovered from. Then in January she also lost her only brother Chris. Alice still takes medicine for schizophrenia, depression, and hormone replacement  and is living as a pre-op male to female. 

Her hopes and dreams are to have the sex change operation someday. I wish I was able to give that to her, but it is beyond my means. She lives several hundreds of miles away from me, but we are very close to each other. Alice has had a very rough life. She has many physical problems and difficulty walking.  I believe she is beautiful jewel in the eyes of God. I am so very glad she is my daughter.        

 Alice enjoys computer gaming and being a DJ for Second Life. She now builds computers also. She also loves her animals. She has a heart of gold and is always looking for open minded people that will accept her just as she is. I am proud to be her mother.

Ron and Alice are now broke up. She now lives with me. We are happy to be together. She is always wanting to make new friends.

Love you always,