Chris God's Wonderful Gift To Me.

Christopher Ray Arthington  was born February 3, 1982 via a C-section. He was a very active baby from the very beginning. From the very first time I saw him I knew I would be willing to give my life for him. His weight was 8 lbs 14 1/2 ounces.  He was a hungry little thing and grew quickly.

From the beginning Chris was my little Super Man!  He was creeping at 6 months. Pulling himself  up to stand alone by 8 months.  The little rascal was walking at 9 months. He was a very happy baby!

At a very young age he showed interest  in books and learning about new things.  He continued to grow and be an active little boy.  He was already showing interest in video games.

 Yes we were a very close family, even though his father chose not to stay with us. This was a very hard time on all of us, but it was for the best in the end. It did bring some sadness to Chris' eyes.

Chris loved base ball from the time he could hold a bat. He would usually play short stop or pitcher. How I love cheering in the stands for my "little Nolan Ryan"!

Chris was  quite the little actor. He played one of the lead rolls in "Once In A Blue Moon. Chris received an award for the best actor in the play.You'll never guess who his biggest fan was?

For several years. Chris and I enjoyed Karate together. He achieved his black belt and I my blue belt. He loved to spar and had many trophies and awards. It was great fun and exercise together.  

In high school Chris fell in love with computers. He started building his own computers and became very active in the on line world. He got his first car, a white convertible, and he worked a part time job. Chris start having a severe anxiety disorder in his late teen. Eventually it got so bad he could not even leave the house without severe panic attacks. He was latter diagnosed as agoraphobic. I hate what the disease was doing to him.   For several years he would only leave the house to see his psychiatrist. Due to not being around people he had a very weaken immune system.


He started evaluating computer hardware for a company called nVidia from our home.  He ran their Web Site and had so many on line friends. His computer name was Chris Ray. He was a loved person by so many. His best friend was Ken Brown (Picture below to the right side).

Chris was beginning to show sign of getting better. He continued  to need his anxiety medicine to go outside, but was beginning to be able to stay out and mow the lawn and take short trips to the store.  Nvidia  was having an editors meeting in Las Vegas.  Ken Brown who had become very close to Chris had made arrangements for Chris to go.Nvidia paid for the entire trip including his spending money, Chris was very nervous but wanted to go.  This took place in late January of 2010.  Chris had a great time with his friends! He was so happy! Everyone  in the group got sick after the trip, unfortunately Chris never recovered. We had no idea Chris would die when we took him to the hospital. I will always remember some of his last words to me. "Little Mama thank you for always being there for me." Chris was on a ventilator when my pastor was praying with him. Although he was in a coma he briefly opened his eyes while the pastor held his hand and prayed with him. I know he was ready to meet Jesus. He only last about 12 more hours. I rubbed his arm,told him how much I loved him, prayed for him and sang songs to him.   Being a nurse I  watched the monitors showing his deterioration as his body failed him . The doctors tried to code him without success.  He went to be with Jesus at 5 AM on January 28, 2010.  Chris touched the hearts of so many and there will always be a huge hole in my heart. If there are computers in heaven I'm sure that what he is doing. I love you Chris and will someday join you in heaven.

Love You Always,
Your Little Mama

PS. Nvidia helped me so much with funeral expresses.  Ken Brown flew in from California to be one of the speaker at Chris' memorial services along with my long time friend Pastor Randy. You can google  Chris Arthington to see what others had to say about my wonderful son. Rest in peace in Jesus' arms by beloved baby.