Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hanging On

My emotions are all over the place! Sometimes I just start crying for no reason at all. I am in a lot of physical pain from the auto accidents and it seems when I am in pain it effects my bipolar disorder. It has also been hard not having a car to drive because Alice's truck in in the shop. I just feel like I'm hanging on the end of my rope.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Run Of Bad Luck

In a two week period of time I was a passenger in two auto accidents. The first one was on Good Friday and I was visiting my friend in Shawnee. A young girl ran a red light and totaled my friends car. Thank goodness she was insured. Both my friend and I had contusions but no broken bones. We were both very sore but it could have been much worst. The second accident was Monday. Alice was driving my car when someone pulled into the side of our car knocking us across 3 lanes into a ditch. Alice spent 3 days in the hospital because it caused increased injury to her back.  I only suffered contusions and strains.  This driver was uninsured and fled the scene of the accident. It was witnessed and a tow truck driver tracked her down and had her come back to the scene.  We both were taken to the hospital in two ambulances. I believe they will total the car.  Right now it is not drivable.We had liability and uninsured motorist only since my car was not new. We had no choice but get a lawyer to see if we can at least replace the car.

Thank goodness for friends helping us out to the stores and other things. We are still so blessed.