Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last night I kept waking up from having nightmare from my childhood. My question is why now? I don't get it. I'm very tired and weak today. More than likely from all the running to doctors,blood bank, and therapy yesterday. My total knee replacement is going to be on December 3, 2010. This should help with the pain at least in the right knee. He saying I should be in the hospital for about 3 days, then a rehab center for about a week, driving in about 2-3 weeks. That is getting very close to Christmas. I pulled my small 3 foot Christmas tree out of my storage shed. I threw away two six foot trees earlier, because they were just too hard for me to put up. Chris always helped me put up the tree. It's hard to believe he won't be here for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I miss him so much! I'm still hoping Alice will get to come, but it doesn't look very promising. Compassionate Friends suggest trying to set up new Holiday traditions after the death of a child. We will see how that goes.


Andrea said...

Praying you have a safe knee replacement and all goes well.

Shinade said...

I can't stand nightmares. I take medicine for chronic insomnia and a few other things and they block dreams on most nights.

I am keeping you in my prayers too. My girlfriend I spoke about was overjoyed when she finally had her surgery done!!

My mother whom I was super close to died close to Thanksgiving and her birthday was on the 26th. So we always celebrated her birthday when we gathered for Thanksgiving. Nothing helped except time as far as that holiday.

We will be away. We are going down to Corpus to be with our daughter and her husband...no cooking for me this year!!


Anonymous said...

(((Wanda))) I'm sorry you were having nightmares. But I'm glad you have your surgery scheduled. Hopefully that will relieve the pain.

I like the idea of instituting new holiday traditions. Compassionate Friends sounds like a very wise organization. But I sincerely hope that Alice will be able to visit. My fingers are still crossed!

Wishing you well,

RCUBEs said...

Yes, it's awful when someone has a nightmare! Praying that you will have a quick recovery for your knee! I remember when I used to put patients' knees on CPM[the machine that exercises the knee]. It truly speeds up their recovery! God bless and protect you.