Sunday, November 21, 2010

Basting In God's Love

I was feeling a bit down this morning before going to church. I had been up since 3:30 AM. I went to the store at 4:30 AM and did my weekly shopping. At 5:30 AM  I am putting a rinse on my hair. I tried to take a self portraits for Face Book and they were horrible. I then had a banana and juice for breakfast at 6:30 AM. . I messed around on the computer for a couple of hours, then went to see Chris. After visiting him I drove to church. I was early so I went to a women Sunday school class. It was about God's love and protection for us. Of course I cried. I had someone take my picture for face book again and they didn't turn out either. The worship service was wonderful. I felt I was basting in God's love for me. The church's Thanksgiving dinner was today after service and there was so much food. I feel bad because I ate too much. I think I need to take a nap, but am still pretty wired up. I guess I go visit some blogs.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I know when I don't sleep very well or for very long I feel down too. But it sounds like church was a good respite today. I'm glad you enjoyed the worship service.

Wishing you well,

Sydney said...

Peace be with you,

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

As I was reading your bio, I just felt the Lord say to me that there is hope in HIM!

May you rest in His faithful arms. He loves you dearly:)

Shinade said...

I haven't been sleeping either. But, I know what mine is. It's the full moon. Tomorrow night is a rare blue moon or so they call it.

I never sleep good during the week of a full moon.

It sounds like you had a great time at church though. I am glad for you.

You know Wanda, I live in Oklahoma too. So howdy neighbor and Boomer Sooner!!

Sending blessings and prayer for you to have a fantastic week!

Big hugs,

oh why do I use the name Shinade when my real name is Jackie? When I was looking up user names for my blog years ago I came upon this spelling of the name translate in Ancient Gaelic as ...The Graciousness of God." I figured I could always use plenty of that and this nick name reminds me every time I see it!

A little something not many know!Hugs again!!:-)

Clueless said...

Although difficult, your day seems filled with accomplishments...or your morning. Insomnia especially the early morning waking is difficult. I usually feel more depressed and every emotion is heightened. I've been up since 2AM and that is with medications. I love the picture you used. I just might steal it from you!!


Wanda's Wings said...

CC, You are welcome to the picture. It bring comfort to me and I'm glad it does to you also.