Friday, November 05, 2010

Will This Day Ever End?

To begin with my alarm clock did not go off and I had an early morning appointment with my psychiatrist. I could barely get out of bed because my lupus is in a full blown flare. I hurried as quickly as I could to get ready. I must admit my makeup sure looked like a "rush job." The pharmacy was on the way and I had to pick up my predisone for the lupus. I went to the drive up pharmacy window and my window stuck in the down position. It would NOT go back up no matter what I tried. I was freezing in spite of the cup of coffee that was in hand. I knew I was "crashing" from my recent mania. My psychiatrist could tell I was crashing also, so he increased my Abilify. He also told me that the predisone could cause additional mood problems. Just what I need, but this was not a surprise to me.

My sister in law and I were suppose to go to the SPCA today. I could not leave my window stuck in the down position, so I called her and we met at repair shop. I figured the repair would be about $50.00. The surprise is to come later!

We went on to the SPCA and worked about 2.5 hours. One of the cats must have been having a bad day too, because she bite me. I received a call for the shop and they had found several things that needed to be fixed. It took about 0.5% of my monthly check. I just broke down in tears. Sally said she would help me pay some of the bill because I had no idea how I was going to make.

When we went to pick up the car there was an additional $500.00 of repairs that need done "soon". I opted out not to do them at the time because I was broke. I figured I had a few months by what I was told. I made it about 2/3 of the way home when smoke started pouring out of my car. Ironically this happen next to the cemetery Chris' nitch is in.

I was beyond hysterical when I called my sister in law. She told me to call the garage that had fixed the car to come out and check what was going on. She also came to me to take me back to the shop. I went inside the building Chris' nitch was at and poured my heart out to Chris. I know that was a dumb thing, but I told him how much I wish I could just join him.

The man from the garage arrived and looked at the car. The fuel pump had caused the radiator to "crack" and blow off the hose. Sallie arrived to hear the news. The car was unable to be driven. Fortunately I had AAA to have the car towed back to the shop. I was crying and shaking like a baby. Sallie drove me to the shop and loaned me the $500.00 to have the car fixed.There is still about $300.00 of repairs that need to be done in the next few months.I then had to wait an addition 2 hours while the car was being repaired. My pain pill had worn off a long time ago, so I could barely walk.

I am so thankful that Sallie was there to help me. If this had happen on Monday I would have been taking her to back surgery. As bad and costly as today has been, it would have been much worst for this to happen on Monday. I am so glad this day is over. Also the garage did not charge labor on replacing the radiator , which saved about $150.00.

On top of everything else I have not been able to post on a several of my blogging friend sites, because the "verification" of words. They were not present to type in. Also my icon to add a picture is missing. Is anyone else had trouble with blogger today or is it just me? I would write it it would let me!!!!!!! I'll try to respond again tomorrow.

After that my computer locked up and I had to call Alice for some help. She talked me through it!!!


Alice said...

sonds like a vey bad day. im glad i cold talk u threw geting yer pc fixed atleast.

Wanda's Wings said...

I finally found a hard way to post a picture. At least I can do it again! Now I check and see if I can leave messages on my friends blogs.

Just Be Real said...

Wanda sorry for your unexpected repair problems. That is really steep thinking a $50 item then can turn into a $500 bill for other things broken. If only our hearts could be fixed for that amount. I would pay it.

Yeah, on occasion those verification things do not appear for me either.

Blessings dear one.

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW, what a day!

June_Butterfly said...

I totally know how you feel.Disaster doesn't only come in pairs ,they come in groups.I hope good days come,soon.

I hope your computer works well,too.Cheer up!!