Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Just Finished

I just finished Chris' Page. To read more about him you can either click on his picture or go under pages.


Sophia said...

OK Wanda. Off to check it out. :) Hugs

Sophia said...

Wanda, just read through Chris' page. What an amazing and talented kid! Building his own computers? Wow You must be so proud of him. And thank goodness for Nvidia. It seems like they were the turning point for him in his life that he needed and what a blessing they were to you as well.


MOLLYE said...

Oh Wanda, I feel so humbled to read about the life of your wonderful son Chris. I am so glad I helped inspire you to write about him. Writing about Jake is so healing for me and not only does it keep him more alive for me, it gives me the opportunity of introducing my son to all of my blogging friends and it is just a good thing. I am going to enjoy getting to know your Chris just as you have begun to know Jake. You also inspire me. Love you, Mollye

Anonymous said...

Wow. That page made me cry.



Anonymous said...

I do not know the right words, Wanda. Ich bin sehr gerührt.

Ethereal Highway said...

Oh, Wanda. This makes me cry. You did a good job, honey. Many hugs to you.