Saturday, September 04, 2010

No Whining Today

I promised myself I would do a post without whining. I've been up and done a little more this morning. I have cut down some weeds. Took my ex sister in law to pick up a rental car and went to visit Chris, I've worked a little bit on picking up the house. My daughter spirits where better last night when I talked to her. I'm still concerned she is being used by these people that promised her a truck. She got a new game on line to play. Her computer is her life line since she has such difficulty walking. I am suppose to go with my sister in law tonight to listen to some gospel music. I really enjoy music and this should be a good break. I meet my new neighbor and he seems really nice. I have not meet his wife yet because they are not totally moved in. That lot has been vacant for almost a year. He told me they had two dog so they would be putting up a fence. Well that has been my day thus far. See I can actually post without whining!


Anonymous said...

You don't ever have to worry about how you sound on your blog-- it's your blog and people can choose to or not to read it as they see fit! That being said, I always like hearing what you have to say. I'm glad your daughter is doing a bit better. And it's great that you're going to hear some music tonight-- music is always a fabulous coping skill. I'm glad you're hanging in there.

Wishing you well,

Prayer Girl said...

God bless your ability to blog today in a positive frame of mind. Each day is a new day.

We bloggers are with you whether you are whining or are positive, but we are certainly happier (for you) when you are feeling better.


Just Be Real said...

Dear one this is your blog your time to share your thoughts feelings hopes defeats pain. Do not ever squash that opportunity. You say exactly what is going on. Be real. Share. Blessings to you dear one. ((((Wanda))))

Denise said...

Just be who you are sweetie, I love you.

Cheesemeister said...

I worry too much about "whining" too. But doing this sort of thing should be cathartic. We don't all heal within a certain time period and some of us (me) never entirely get well. So while I usually hold off on cussing on other people's blogs, may I say, for f**k's sake, don't worry about whining! Tell it like it is or it will sit inside and fester.