Sunday, September 12, 2010

Abuse or Curse?

Did abuse or is my family just cursed cause all the problems? My sister E has had two cancer surgeries. Her son is now in prison for "three strikes your out"rule for petty drug use. Alcoholism runs in my family. My brother E struggles with alcoholism and had a twenty one year old son commit suicide. My youngest brother W a recovering alcoholic is sickly also. He has an autistic son and another child that was sexual molested. What did mental illness and abuse have to do with how this family turned out? My sister's son like myself is bipolar. You have heard my story from childhood abuse, mental illness, loss of health,marriage to an abusive pedophile,my daughter's abuse ,and the loss of my own son. I still feel guilty over Chris' death.Like I was somehow to blame. I'm very tired. I have never turned a way from what ever has come up, but I'm beginning to wear down. I keep holding on. God please hold me up, because I can not go on in my own strength.


Just Be Real said...

Wanda there are many things we do not understand why God let things happen. We probably will not understand them this side of heaven.

I know there are generational curses as well in families that can be broken with the one who is serious about ending such abuse, etc.

Here listening dear one. ((((Wanda))))

Anonymous said...

You and your family have certainly been through a lot. I'm so sorry. I wish I knew the right words to say to make things right, but I don't know if those words exist. All I can say is just because your family is hurting doesn't mean that you will hurt forever. And please know that I think of you daily and hope that your day is better than the last. I care so much.

Wishing you well,

Denise said...

Your family has my love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I too have a family full of turmoil. All I could do is breath and step away from it all. It's a slow process but i'm recovering from it and moving past it. I don't associate with those who stay in the manner of abuses no matter what type. I choose better for me and but by the grace of God I go. Hugs to you. Tammy

My Grama's Soul said...

Sometime life is soooooo difficult and it just seem to hurt all the time. I, too, come from a family full of the same issues yours seems to be...this I do know.....try and stay God centered as he is your true father.....he is a loving father and has given you grace in many ways.

Talking about it and having good listeners help tremendously.....we are here for you.