Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trick or Treat?

A good friend (who we will call YH) called last Thursday and stated she had a leave town for a friend "who wasn't doing very well" and wanted me to go with her for the drive. Well I was very tired, but YH would do anything for me, so I said "sure". I assumed it was her brother's wife, who had recent surgery.

After working 12 hours, I went home, packed a few things, and drove to her house. Since it was late we decided that we would leave first thing in the morning. Still no wiser we got up the next morning and headed out.

After we had driven for awhile I notice we weren't go toward Texas, but in the oppsite direction. She started laughing at me and said "you are the one, not doing well!" YH continued to state she was taking me to Eureka Spring for the weekend and I was not allowed to worry about anything. She paid for everything, so I had no out of pocket expenses.

We had a great time. We walked & walked through all the little stores. We went to a Jamboree, saw a "hauted hotel", and just plain had a blast. Late our frist night we were sitting by the pool, and since I thought we were going to care for a sick friend, I had no swiming suit. Oh well, we were the only ones at the pool, the moon was full, and I was feeling a little crazy. I then "howled at the moon" and jumped in the pool fully clothed. Oh yes, I guess I am a little crazy!

The next day we went on a horse and buggy ride. We looked at flowers and just laughed at everything. It so beautiful in Eureka, the hills, flowers, and cool spring waters. I have to believe this "trick" turned out to be a real "treat".


jumpinginpuddles said...

what an awesome friend, that is truly a story of people caring for you it brought a smile to my face :)

Enigma said...

Hey, did you go to the passion play? There is a little hotel just up the road from it... walking distance actually... There is so much you can do there. And some things just outside of town that are fun too. ;)
(I was shocked to see where you went)

Glad you had fun though.
(And thank you for stopping by my new blog)

Dreaming again said...

Still would have freaked me out ... LOL

Don't do that to me ...k? LOL

Glad you had fun!!!

mysti said...

What a wonderful friend! I am so glad you had a great time. Sometimes all we need is some fun time to feel lots better! I am so jealous. Wishing I had a friend who would come whisk me away for a few days!

nikki the red said...

what a wonderful friend you have! i'm glad you had a great surprise!

Raine said...

How very cool. thats just awesome

Wanda's Wings said...

JIP-friends are true treasure. I feel you are treasure.

Enigma; I didn't get to see the Passion play, but we did see the Big Jesus" That just blew my mind too. Great weekend!

Dreaming; Did you say you wanted a surprize Birthday party. lol. Don't like surprizes do you.

Mysti; I love my friends. YH is always full of surprizes. Fun does lighten the heart. Soon you'll have someone sweep you off.

Nikki; Thanks for visiting me.Is this your first visit? Yes friendship is worth everything.

Raine; It nice to be surprized. It hard to belive some people read me so well. The trip was just what the doctor order. lol

wolfbaby said...

what a wonderful thing for her to do for you.... sounds like you had an awesome time!!!

Wanda's Wings said...

WB we had a great time!

survivor said...

Wanda - thats awesome! Glad you got away and had some fun with a great friend.