Saturday, June 03, 2006

Three of Five

These are the three oldest children. I have two younger brother also. I am the oldest girl. I am really number two of five.


wolfbaby said...

Adorable,,,, I love it...So not fare that I cant get my pics to come up that big and look that good... I don't know what Im doing wrong but it just aint workin blahhhhhhhhh. At least you got it to work right!!! great pics;)

Dreaming again said...

WB ... we got to flicker ... are you doing it from flicker?

wolfbaby said...

no but i think i figured out the prob on my page i got one of my mom up correctly or rather i should say moof did... apparently im uploading the pics wrong but i got the two little ones up of me and the babies...isn't that a cut pic wandas got up;)