Sunday, June 04, 2006

Journey of Hope

There are things that happen to us that causes life to be much more difficult. When hope is totally lost, life becomes an endurance contest that you do not care if you win or loose.

Several months ago I started journeying to a happier and more peaceful life. What I have found that the things has helped me the most are as follows:
  1. Good physicians.
  2. Intense counseling
  3. Support of friends and family
  4. Friends that accept you "just like you are"
  5. A supportive church
  6. A Pastor that genuinely cares
  7. Writting poems
  8. Blogging
  9. Making new friends
  10. Helping others
  11. Rest and Medication
  12. Trusting a loving God, who cares about every part of my life.

I truley belive if there was even the smallest hope for me, there is hope for everyone. I friend sent me the beautiful picture someone that has walked each step of this new journey with me. The poem below shows how I'm beginning to change.


mysti said...

Sounds like your journey is going well! Your plan woulds solid. Good for you! The poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

jumpinginpuddles said...

well done for walking the journey and for giving us courage to try and continue our own.

wolfbaby said...

I can see the difference in just your writting since I first started... Its more positive. I can only imagine the changes one would see in person. Like a beatiful flower blooming before us:) Your doing a wonderful job

Wanda's Wings said...

Mysti: Thank you. It sometime more that I think I can do. But we will over come.

JIP: You know I admire you. We are all still on the journey and helping each other along the way.

wolfbay: Thanks. We are all a work in progress.