Thursday, June 22, 2006


Going to the doctor when you are not feeling well is a big mistake! I haven't felt well for the last several days. My PCP was concern so he sent me to a specialist. My question is how can someone that has spent only 5 minutes with you know anything about you! Needless to say I was not impressed with the doctor or my visit.

It also seems, in the medical field, there are at least two areas that doctors are quick to make assumptions about.
  1. If you are over weight that "is really the only problem you could possibly have." Excuse me. I have been over weight my entire life and "this problem" has nothing to do with that. Please there is more to the story than "I'm Fat!" Let's at least look beyond that one issue!
  2. Forbid that you might be taking any medications for a mental illness. The only answer then is "Are you sure you are not depressed?" Give me a break! Not everything is about depression. I do know when I am depressed. Gee, I should be an expert on that, since I have delt with it since childhood. Please do not assume that just because some has a mental illness that they know nothing about their own body. People with mental illness just have one addition "issue" to deal with.

I really felt sorry for "Dr M" who I saw after the "specialist". I was fussing about the medication he gave me "causing" the problems. He is so nice and understanding! After the theary session he hug me and said "It's going to be Ok." It a good thing there are few doctors you can trust. At least I found two good ones! (My PCP and Dr M)


wolfbaby said...

some docs are just jerks to the n'th degree!!! When tht happens go back to the pcp and ask for another specilistist.... and tell the pcp what a jerk the one you seen was!!! I hate it when docs make assumptions don't they know that is the mother of all mistakes?

mysti said...

Don't get me started on doctors! I have seen more doctors (ummmm quacks) then I care to admit. However you are right there are a few very good doctors you can trust. I am so glad you found two such doctors!

jumpinginpuddles said...

lol doctors and doofus sometimes i think they are related ;) you work it out ;) Im glad that you have some docs you can trust wanda thats comforting for you and makes it easier to see them.

Wanda's Wings said...

Wolfbaby; Thanks I just had to do tha for my Rheumo doctor. Looks like a I'll need to do it for my Cardio also. Another $30.00 well spent. lol
mysti: Yes the "d" word. So many think they are "god". At least I know I'm not the only one that has felt this!
JIP; Doofus- well put! I will keep trying. Thanks for the support. Come to far to quite now!

Sunnie Dee said...

I recently saw a new doctor and same sort of thing, assumptions made without even talking to me.

I always put off going to the doctor too and it annoys me when they say.. well lets just see what happens and come back in a few days.

Wanda's Wings said...

sonnie dee,

Got to love assumptions and returning to see them again with more money! lol