Sunday, June 25, 2006

Monday Again?

Well what happen to the weekend? It's almost Monday again!

This is my Monday morning smile. Kind of cute, right? lol :)


Enigma said...


Thanks for the smiles... *giggle*

mysti said...

Thanks for making me laugh. lmbo, good way to start the day!

wolfbaby said...

That's cute...I think i seen that one before:)

Dreaming again said...

still say that's my mom pouting! lol

jumpinginpuddles said...

yes in a lopsided way ;)

Austin of Sundrip Journals said...

at least you do not have to get up and brush your teeth before you leave the house! And the wrinke cream, forget it. Oil of Olay can't help this. There is no skin peel that can help you now. No way to undo the damage to my eyes right now. Visine couldnt wash this out!! LOL.

I see Monday's as a fresh start... a passing away of a week that may or may not have been good. It's a new step forward, a new leaf to be turned. The good thing is, if I sqander the chance to improve my life I always have next Monday to try again.

smiles to you,
The People Behind My Eyes