Saturday, May 27, 2006

Note from Pk at Pearls and Dreams

Hey, Last night I had to take Wanda to the emergency room when Wanda had a flashback that was worse than she'd ever had. We'd had to call an ambulance.

She's been admitted to a very good psychiatric hospital (part of the healthcare system that she's employed at) to help to stablize her medications.

They think she'll be there for a few days. I'm going to see her in a couple of hours.

Her son hasn't contacted me and isn't answering the phone when she calls. It has both of us concerned.

Keep them both in your prayers.


Fallen Angels said...

I hope her son contacts you...or something. Is there an answering machine you can leave a message on?

((((hugs for Wanda)))) and for you too PK.

jumpinginpuddles said...

send her our care AND CONCERN PLEASE

Dreaming again said...

Fallen, I have left messages, so has another friend of hers, as well as Wanda herself telling her to call me or her other friend.

I'm getting ready to leave a message on the machine to email me and leave my email address on the machine hoping he'll email me.

JIP, I will do both!

I saw her today. She's doing well. Her medication levels were not at a therapeutic level (not surprising since she was coming off one and starting another)

So they are going to keep her till it is.

She's handling it MUCH better than I would.

wolfbaby said...

Have you heard from her son yet? is he ok? I hope everything works out all right.!!!

Dreaming again said...

I have not. I called and left my email address on the answering machine.


Fallen Angels said...

Maybe her son has gotten the message and doesn't have any questions (or can't formulate them/express them to someone)? Hopefully he has gotten the messages and knows where Wanda is and that she is being cared for and is awaiting her return. I hope that is the case.

wolfbaby said...

me too!!

Dreaming again said...

we're praying that's the case. They are thinking that he thinks she's gone for the weekend ... and that she'll be back when it's over. If he remembers it's a holiday weekend, he won't worry till after work on Tuesday.

She did give me his email address late last night, no response yet.

She's not sure he knows how to mess with the answering machine. So, keep him in your prayers.

wolfbaby said...

Has he got enough supplies? If he needed something and you left it on the door step would he open the door to get it if you just yelled through the door and told him it was there and then left?

Dreaming again said...

Wanda thinks he has plenty of supplies. She's pretty sure he'll call either her other friend or me when he realizes the weekend is over ... Wanda HAS gone away for weekends before right now we're assuming that he's thinking she's gone for the weekend and hasn't told him.

At least that's what we're praying he's thinking.