Thursday, May 11, 2006

Words Make A Difference

Right now I am really struggling with some biochemical problems that make me feel so very depressed. I know in my head what is going on, but that doesn't change what I feel. Something that did help, were words spoken in kindness by two dear friends via e-mail and the phone. I posted the e-mail on my desk and carried another around in my pocket at work. Knowing that Pk & RS cared, has kept me going today. They have encourage me to relax and trust God. As I have said before trusting is not something I do. It is true what we say to each other and ourself can make such a difference in a day. Words are important. They can help heal.


Dreaming again said...

We'll get there!

Truth vs fact ...truth of God outweighs the fact the pain today

God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again. Phil 1:6

you are fearfully and wonderfully made

God is faithful

we know that he controls the moon and the stars and he hasn't lost control of them yet, so he's not going to loose control of Wanda

God loves you ...and I love you!

wolfbaby said...

The first post I made on my blog was about the difference one person can make by being kind and taking a moment to care. Its wonderful to have those people around isn't it!!! They make such a difference and sometimes its hard to explain to them how much it effects us. One step and one day at a time and you will do just fine.:)

jumpinginpuddles said...

words spoekn by true friends who truly care can heal. I am glad you have had that from two friends because they walk right beside you, im glad they have shown that to you.