Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lower Lows & Dumber Highs

I'm back, and of course, not the out come I wanted. Spent too much money, and have been crashing hard. I have tried to hid my illness by not letting any get to know me. "Keep a safe distant" and we will get along fine. The depression gets so bad all I can do is cry. That's hard to hide at work. The "up side" seems to get me in as much as the "down side"

I get so mad at myself for feeling "bullet proof". When I'm up I usally do something I regret. I wish I could get this deep pain out. It's not working today, so I'll stop writting. Maybe later.


Dreaming again said...

Keep writing ... let it out, share with us how you're FEELING.

jumpinginpuddles said...

please keep writing because it sure seems you just put your bullet proof vest back on, when you walked away from saying more.