Monday, May 29, 2006


Wanda's Wings

I've seen Wanda at each visiting period. She's doing well. She should be home Tuesday or Wednesday.

They are waiting for the medicines to get to therapeutic levels.

She had a treatment plan today, and it looks really good.

Personally, I believe she is holding up remarkably well. Sooo much better than I would be doing. If it were me ... I'd be in serious trouble (ok, Wanda, when you get home and start reading this, stop laughing) I would be literally hiding in a corner. I would be accused of 'isolating' (and the problem with that is???). SHE is following instructions.


wolfbaby said...

Good I'm glade she's handeling it so well and I hope she gets well enough to go home soon!!! Hope her son is doing well.

Fallen Angels said...

I'm glad she will be home soon.