Sunday, May 07, 2006

Family Secretes

Sad little girl, she hidding from Dad.
Hoping Mom would protect, if only Mom can.
Hiding under her blanket with tears and in fear.
No one can protect her, too many secretes here.

To say no, was a beating in the basement, oh so cold.
To school in shame, now the little girl must go.
Deep family secretes and bruises she must not show.
When daddy comes in, she no longer say no.

Broken and defeated, she now was only eight.
Daddy had moved from fondling now to rape.
The secretes remains behind doors closed, oh so tight.
The suffering she endured, it just wasn't wright.

As a teenage, she hides in fear. Her secretes no one must know.
Deep family secretes that continue to grow.
No one ever questioned why she never cried.
Deep sadness shown from her dark blue eyes.

She leaves home and marries a man just like dad.
She thought she be so happy , but she oh so sad.
The first time he hit her, she knew life had not changed.
Different players in the cast, but life remains the same.

For several years she lived under his abusive hands.
Now she has two children, thay also seemed so sad.
Why was she blinded so by this abusive man.
Family secert starting over again. Get out while she can!

A few years latter she get a dreaded call.
He was arrested for the worst abuse of all.
Molested his daughter, confessed to molesting her only sons.
The thing she want least in life, was the abuse to be passed on.

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