Sunday, May 14, 2006

Better Day

I always worry about the holidays. My least favorite have been Mother's Day and Father's Day. Well today was the best one I have had in a few years. I always had regrets that I never had a Mother-Daughter relationship with my mom. This always brought sadness and robbed me of the joy of my own children. With all our faults, I got to spend some time with each of my kids today,whom I dearly love. This was good. I spent time with my church family. This was good. I even won the "crazy hat" contest at church today. This was fun (despite the fact Pk mis lead me) . There was laughing, there where hugs, there were memories, both good and bad. A few tears, but in all, it was a good day. RS even commented that I showed up on a holiday (something I used to avoid). I hope everyone had a good day today. Hugs to all! I hope each person got to make some new joyful memories today.


Dreaming again said...

Three Holidays in a row, my dear! Last one you greeted, this one you strutted your stuff!

I didn't exactly mislead you!

You asked me if I was wearing a hat. I said yes. I was ... my pink baseball cap. You did NOT ask me if I was wearing a crazy hat! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed today ... you deserved it!

jumpinginpuddles said...

imn glad today was ok for you :)

wolfbaby said...

Good for you, you deserve a happy mothers day!!!!

Dreaming again said...

Thanks for tonight girlfriend! Much easier with you there.

I didn't strangle my mom and I'm not in the psych ward or in prison, largely due to your support!

Now, if the same remains AFTER I see Dr. M tomorrow LOL

Do you realize that while I was showing you those pictures, my mom was making a big deal of telling the ambulance driver guy that she'd lost 100 lbs ... I swear ... she's doing this to get attention!