Thursday, May 25, 2006


Yeaak!!! Yeaak!! YEAAK!! There now I"m better.
You know you are in trouble when the doctor you work for says, "please try to keep healthly while I'm on vacation." And your shrink say "You are so delightful" and hands you a perscription for Lithium and Xanax.
I wonder what tomorrow will be like? Keeps things interesting anyway. No one can ever said my life was dull!


Raine said...

Lithium?? you are bi-polar??

Dreaming again said...

Yes, Raine, she's bi polar, and delightful!

I'm dying to know what you did to make him say that. In over 5 years he's never told me I'm delightful and I know he likes you, so he wasn't being sarcastic.

Coarse, I probably aggrivate him too much to delight him. Since you went to him for psychiatric care 5 months ago, and I went to him for eating disorder treatment 5 years ago ...and I'm STILL in the ED program ... he's probably a bit less enthralled with me right now.

This is food ... it will not kill you. Stop rolling your eyes at your accomplishments, they are good things ... pfffthtpt. All said with that adorable bobbling smile of his.

Wanda's Wings said...

PK he does have a cute smile-but his voice is "too" sweet.

yes diagnosed with PTSD with brief periods of dissociation,panic
disorder, eat disorder, and
bi-polar. I'm a mess.

Fallen Angels said...

Wanda...what did he say about the other stuff? And I didn't know you worked for a doc...we worked for doc's for about 10 years.

Dreaming again said...

hey, I warned you he was too nice before you ever met him!

He can be not nice though when you tell him that you're ED isn't doing too hot after 2 years of doing well. That doesn't go over well. Especially when you have my health issues. Those are times I wish he was a psychologist not an psychiatrist ... you can see the MD in him come roaring to the surface.

Don't ever challenge that part of him.

Just behave yourself. *grin*

wolfbaby said...

Sounds like you have had a day:) Good luck!!!

jumpinginpuddles said...

cant write much just letting you know weve read :) Oh and we think youre pretty grouse ;)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Something a gigantic scream is SO necessary. And it is amazing and often ironic what professionals say to patients. I call those moments "Things that make you go, hmmmmmm...."


Raine said...

I had a therapist tell me I was delightful during a hypomanic phase and we ARE delightful at times:P I also had a psychiatrist tell me I was the sanest person he ever met. Take that as a major compliment it came from a professional