Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen to good people.
I think of JIP. Her child being so sick.
My dear friend RS wife ill, Downs daughter.
My almost "twin" PK chornic illness.

I believe I am a good person that loves others. But it seems I'm being hit right and left with "not so good stuff" Both of my children are having severe mental problems right now. I have always tried to hold everything together. That is what I'm suppose to do. But then Bang! Right between the eyes. I got blind sighted.

Big problems at work! I was demonted on Monday. Like this could be the begining of the end. The real problem I'm having is I can not concentrate at all at work. I'm laughing about a demotion in front of people. Whats that all about? This was a "set up" by a lie and I could never present the "rest of the story"

Truth is I can not stay there. Truth is my focus is nonexistence. I'm having termors in my hand at work, so bad I can't hold a cup of water or type. At least I see Dr M tomorrow.

Ok. It's time to put my money where my mouth is. I say I believe in God. Well "Humanly" or in "my own strength" I can not deal with all that is going on. I must put it in HIS hand. God says with Him all things are possible" He going to have to show me the next move!


Dreaming again said...

ahhhhh ... waiting on God to show you the next step ..what a unique concept ;)

Just right where God wants you to be!!!

He will you know. You're not alone ... we're waiting for the next step with you, praying, supporting and loving you! See you Friday!

Fallen Angels said...

Good luck at the doctor today!

wolfbaby said...

Just remember that when one door is closed another is opened.. we just have to be patient to see what it is. Oft times he will surprise us with his ingenuity in something we never suspected... Ok I can't clarify that at the moment so I hope it makes sense the way I wrote it:) the pain killers are frying my brain cells I cant wait till i don't need them anymore.