Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Cannot Lose My Love

Wanda, I'm posting this on your blog to ensure that you see it. While many people use this to dedicate to their children, or other loved ones, it was written as from God to us ..

Josh Petersen: "Have hope and joy today in the fact that you are not perfect. Never will be. But Jesus loves you anyways, because you are His beautiful child."

"You will lose your baby teeth.
At times, you’ll lose your faith in me.
You will lose a lot of things,
But you cannot lose my love.

You may lose your appetite,
Your guiding sense of wrong and right.
You may lose your will to fight,
But you cannot lose my love.

You will lose your confidence.
In times of trial, your common sense.
You may lose your innocence,
But you cannot lose my love.

Many things can be misplaced;
Your very memories be erased.
No matter what the time or space,
You cannot lose my love."

I love you Wanda, my friend, my sister in christ .. my fellow Trouble and Rumblebuffin.


Prayer Girl said...

Christ is the only true, real constant in the lives of believers. I thank God I have His strength and love to lean on in good and bad times.

Beautiful post for Wanda from "Dreaming again".

I say "Amen"!!!


Wanda's Wings said...

Dreaming Again. Thank you for the encouraging post. I know I have issues. Trust is a big one. I do pray that you never lose one of your of your beautiful sons in your life time, because it really messes with your head. Thank you for reminding me that God's love for me is forever and that Chris is safe in His arms. Wanda

Dreaming again said...

The thing to remember, is that God watched his son leave his side in heaven, knowing that he was going to experience going from being God to being human, and all the suffering that entails ..and more because he'd bear the weight and torture of the cross and all our sins, sorrows and pains on his back. He knows what it is to watch a son go ...and like his son returned to him, you'll be with God and Chris again (in God's time, not Wanda's!!)
He knows what you're going through, he gets the pain of watching a son suffer and die. He knows Wanda.

But, I get it, I lost a daughter, remember? It definitely messes with your head.