Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Laid Chris to Rest Today

I laid Chris to rest in his finally resting place today. His Aunt was with me. I did a little better than I though I would. He was such a kind warm person. He helped me so much and his love was unconditional. Chris I want to tell you that you were one of my few joys in life. I will always remember your laugh, your hugs when I was having a rough day, and when you teased me by calling me "little Mama". Having a place to stay where I can visit as much as I want is wonderful. You where a gift form God. I'm sorry your time on earth was so short. You will be missed,but you will not be forgotten, A mother could not have asked for a more loving child. Rest in peace and in God's arm till I see you again. With all my love. Little Mama


Prayer Girl said...

I know God is holding Chris in His eternal arms.

I pray God continues to hold you in His comforting arms.


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Just Be Real said...

Wanda dear hearing you,.. (((Wanda)))

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have a special place where you can visit him. I think that's important. It's so clear that you love him and that he loves you (and yes, I use the present tense). That relationship will never change.

Regarding your comment on my blog (on the song "Iris")-- Isn't it so beautiful? It really speaks to me too.

Wishing you well,

IK said...

I am glad you have a place to visit him. What a loving tribute you've made to you son with this post! Take care! *hugs* <3

Dr. Deb said...