Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Hard

Seems like I have more than one person can handle. Daily I have to try to deal with my daughters severe mental illness. I'm still dealing with my own deep grief. My PTSD has been kicking up and keeping me awake a nights. I am very tired. All the stress has caused a flare up my ED. I know I must not give up. I must keep trying. I'm reaching out to all my friends now because I need help and encouragement. I'm so tired. I must keep going.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry things are so hard for you right now, but I am so glad that you are not giving up. Maybe since you're tired you can schedule something relaxing that doesn't involve sleep (so the PTSD stays at bay). Might I suggest a massage? Or a pedicure or something? You deserve some pampering.

I'm here for you all the way.

Wishing you well,

Andrea said...

Hang in there! You are so right..DO NOT GIVE UP!
Praying for you,

Anonymous said...

My dear. You will keep going. For sure. Its all tough shit.
But first of all you need to care for yourself. And if you are tired beyond recognition, you simply have to sleep: The body takes what it wants.
Its early in the morning here and I am at wit's end ... sleep is a very good invention.

Sophia said...

Hang in there, Wanda. I know it doesn't seem like much of a consolation, but it's filled with lots of love and care. I've been where you're at, I get it. Maybe not to the same extent, but I do get it many, many ways. I made it through - YOU CAN TOO! Love you so much and I BELIEVE IN YOU!!

Tons of hugs!

Cheesemeister said...

It does seem like too much sometimes. I'm so sorry you're having to endure so much.