Friday, March 25, 2011

Sadden And Discouraged

I feel sadden and discouraged today. My health just seems to be getting worst. I not having any luck selling the mobile home. My daughter is deeply depressed.  I am currently fasting diet pop and chocolate until Easter to increase my faith. It's hard right now because I still miss Chris' so much. I don't understand why he was taken and it hurts.

Funny thing but I'm suppose to write my mood down on my food journal and it is usually anxiety or depression. My therapist was very happy with my meal plans and my primary care doctor was happy with my weight when I saw her. I'm waiting on my lab results today and am anxious to see what they show.

I going to visit Y Sunday for a week. Her grandson is getting married and sent me an invitation. I'm so broke that  I'm going to have to be careful. With the cost of gas and everything. I will have to tell Y I can't afford to go out and eat. I'm sure she will understand.

On the brighter side my middle brother called and said they may come down this summer to visit. That would be great. Always need to look for the bright spots. I'll try to update you on what my doctor says before I leave town.


Mike Golch said...

hang in there kiddo.Big Time HUG!!!

Bobbi said...

What a great thing to do, fasting your favorite things should make a difference. God is good. Hope you're feeling better.

Saleslady371 said...

Wanda, I just spent some time in prayer for you. Nothing is impossible with God; He can bring monies to you for gas and eating with your friends. I stand believing Him today for the victory with you. So glad you love Jesus as you do!


Just me said...

Big hugs!!! xxx