Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Feeling Well

I finally made an appointment to see my primary care physician. My heart rate has been very rapid and my blood pressure running high: plus I'm exhausted all the time. She started me on new blood pressure medicine and something to slow down my heart. She also did a lot of lab test because my last test showed anemia. The medicine I took last night did drop my heart rate down below 100 for the first time in weeks, but my blood pressure is still pretty high this morning. She is concerned that my autoimmune disease may because the fatigue and anemia, but my heart is working too hard.  Gross, gross, gross. I have to do two stool samples to check to see if I was bleeding. In short I have been feeling so bad I have not posted recently.


rcubes said...

Sorry sister to hear you're not feeling well. May He sustain you with His healing, strength and comfort. God bless.

sarah said...

awww Wanda....hope you're feeling better really soon.

Faycin A Croud said...

Just a shot in the dark, but do you take thyroxine? I discovered that I cannot take thyroxine because when the doctor raised it to 75 mcg my blood pressure went through the roof and I started having panic attacks. It took me 3 months for that crap to completely clear my system. I wouldn't have known except that my mother said the same thing happened to her. This is something that doctors often miss because it's supposed to be "safe."

63mago said...

Don't mess with bloodpressure, it' an important thing. And a heart beat over hundred - heavens!
I think you have some drugs to take and they are surely interacting.
You can do a little meditation to help your body. Costs nothing and helps to center.

NOS said...

Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon. This sounds like a lot to handle, but I'm glad you made the appointment to see your physician.

Wishing you well,