Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

I was on the run all day yesterday. Last night was the support group for parents that have lost a child. It is the one place I can really open up with my feeling and know that what I am still feel is not abnormal. The group is national at it is call Compassionate Friends. It really is a great group that I would recommend to any parent that has lost a child.

Today I have to see my psychiatrist. I'm going to talk to him about being a little hung over in the mornings. We may need to do a minor adjustment to my medicine.  I am so glad I'm not manic or super depressed.I am then going to S house to help with some wound care. I got to do some "deep" cleaning on the house. I know they are going to show it tomorrow.  It would be nice to get an offer. The housing market is so depressed right now.

I got some business to take care of and need to be planning on what to take to Y . I don't think I like the 6 small meals or snacks a day. I constantly journeying my food and it takes up so much time. Maybe Monday I'll ask her about a 3 meal one snack plan.

I'm doing laundry while I working on the computer. Two thing at once! lol.  Well I'm running out of time and will try to visit some blog when I get back home. Hope everyone has a great week end. Oh that reminds me our time changes on Saturday. "Spring forward an hour".


Anonymous said...

This post makes me happy-- you sound so healthy today! Of course you have sadness and things aren't perfect, but you are doing things to take care of yourself and that is what really counts.

Good luck with the psychiatrist!

Wishing you well,

Tracy said...

it sounds like you are adjusting well to being out of the hospital and on your own. It's important to develop a routine and structure during your days; I know that always helped me and to have something to look a meeting!
Keep keeping on and writing and knowing you are loved...