Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trying Too Hard

I have been trying so hard to work with my company until I can get on SSD. They just won't work with me at all. They keep the solution" just out of reach" and are making it impossible for me to try to do this in a way that can benifit both me and the company. After 18 years of hard work you would think they could be a little flexible, but oh no, the theme seems to be" let's make this as difficult as possible. " I have always been a workaholic and give 110% or more to my job. I feel like I've been "kicked in the teeth" by the company. It funny the company mission statement is "To provide the healing ministry of Christ in all that we do." and they can not even work with a long time employee that is having health problems. It is not like the solution I offered would only benefit me, but it would also benifit the company. I have always had excellent reviews, been a hard worker, and literaly given to the company until it hurt. I just talked with the head of HR and they are going to let me work 4 hours 3 days per week "as long as it meets the needs of the clinic". In other words they are despirate right now. lol We just live one day at a time and go from there!


Dreaming again said...


like I said in IM


you have my prayers, always and forever.

See you tonight. I'll even let you hug me for real. :)

wolfbaby said...


good luck honey!!!


jumpinginpuddles said...

is wondering why people have mission statements at all christian or not if they arent following through with them :o Im glad they have given you thos hours.



Fallen Angels said...

I haven't come across a company, small or large, that actually cares for their employees. It's sad but true. They all talk about how the employee is an integral part blah blah...but when it comes down to it, it isn't "how can we help you through this?", it's "how can we get you out of here without getting sued?". And that is just wrong. Almost 5 years ago I worked for a small, 3 doc specialty practice. I was their accounts receivable person and filled in doing many office manager duties while they were without one for 4 months. In 1 years time (how long I was with that office), I got 2 raises and a stellar performance review. Then I needed surgery. 2 days before my surgery we had an accounts receivables meeting with the docs...2 of them sat there silently while the 3rd went off on me about the high amount of past due bills...not my fault that 2 HMO's had gone bankrupt...also not my fault that the docs continued to see patients they were not contracted with, without getting a billing waiver. But could I get a word in? Nope. I left the meeting fearing for my job and far more stressed then I should have been 2 days before major surgery. I had my surgery and had a difficult recovery. My initial 6 week leave was extended by the surgeon. I called the office manager to let her know and 2 days later she showed up AT MY DOOR withtermination paperwork in her hand. I was fired for "not adhering to billing practices". ?!?!?! *I* created the billing practices! How was i not adhering to them? point is, "they" don't really care no matter how much they say they do.

Wanda's Wings said...

Prayer is what I need. Someone standing in the gap for me.

Thanks always for your support.

We are convinced mission statements are just to look good on paper. People care or not, companies don't. Thanks JIP

We agree the company bigest worry is how they can do this without being sued! Don't ya love how they kick ya when your down. ie post-op or after an illness! Thanks FA

Raine said...

will that help you?

Wanda's Wings said...

I trying to work enough to keep my insurance until I can get on disability. I not sure it is going to work. :(

cheesemeister said...

Sadly, in the long run, most companies really couldn't give a rat's ass about their employees no matter how long you've worked for them or how loyal you are. I hope that they will treat you with the respect you deserve!