Friday, July 07, 2006

Down But Better

I guess I was really pretty out of it when I wrote my last entry. I hate it when I feel I'm not in control, but there are time that I just lose it. Thank you all for your support, kindness, and prayers. I do feel all of your love and support and am so thankful for those that care about me.
I am going to try to just rest in Jesus' arms tonight. Some times it just seems there is too much to do. I miss having someone by my side to help, but then I remember, my friends, church, and Jesus are always there to help.
I quess it also more honest to let others see the frighten "not in control" side of me. Again thank each of you for letting me be me. (((hugs))) to all of my friends.

PS: Teddybears do help!


mysti said...

Resting with Jesus is always the best thing to do. Sometimes we forget that he is right beside us waiting for us to reach out and ask. I am glad you are feeling a little better. (((Wanda)))

Fallen Angels said...

Frightened...yes. Out of control...NO!! Out of control would have been not posting and doing something else. Posting was reaching out and cuddling that teddy was probably the best thing to do in the moment. My T often suggests cuddling a stuffie!


Dreaming again said...

*hugs* Jesus is always there ...I love you too.

see you in a little while.

Wanda's Wings said...

Mysti- thank you for your loving support..Your faith is strong and a blessing to those that see Him in you> (((hugs)))

Fallen Angels: Thank you so much. When I look at the post it make me think more about what we have talked about. It is amazing how well we all connected. I was glad I have a nice soft teddy bear. (( hugs to all))

Hey Dreaming- Will see you soon. Better watch what you ask for, I usally have my problems between sun set and sun rise. IE the middle of the night.

jumpinginpuddles said...

teddies rock :D Our T recently gave the littles a teddy to cuddle and keep, she felt they needed it right now and they take care of it really well.
Its ok to feel crap wanda, and sharing it is also ok.

Dreaming again said...

bet you had no idea you'd see me THAT soon huh?

Never walked in on someone as they were typing a message to me before! Freaky!


Had fun today!!!! We MUST do again!!

wolfbaby said...

;) Glad you are feeling better!!! I have a stuffed wrinkels dog I call Mr. Wrinkels, got him when I was ten right before mom passed.. cookie monsters has confiscated him but when I need the hug and hubby is not around I take him back for a while:) ((hugs))