Sunday, July 30, 2006

Safe in God's Hand

For the last several days I have been struggling with fear and worry. "What is the next step?" "I'm hurting too badly to do what needs to be done." "What's going to happen to us until the disability comes through?" "What if I'm not approved?" These and many other thoughts have just beaten me down. Today at church our pastor talked about how we are in God's hand and that nothing can destroy us. We can not let our joy be stolen. Worry won't change anything. Trusting God will change things. He also talked about how we needed to be in agreement with other belivers and then there is more power to do what needs to be done. I know I'm God child, so I am safe in the palm of His hand. Nothing can harm me there. Fear and worry have to submit to the power of God. I guess I needed to be in church today. To be reminded of who I am and that I am God child. With God's help and the love and support of friends nothing is impossible!


Dreaming again said...

And, you have other believers in agreement with you. :D

I'm sending you the email I sent him after church.

It's funny, I knew the topic and was dreading the sermon .. I just really really was dreading, I knew he was going to step all over my toes with it.

He didn't go the direction I expected him to go ... and instead of stepping on my toes, it encouraged me, and confirmed that I've been going in the right direction with my faith. It reminded me so much of where I was a year ago (situationally) and where I am now.

Do you realize that it's been a year since the Learning to trust again class?

You've come a long way Baby!

I'm so glad I was along for the ride!!!

jumpinginpuddles said...

in agreement we had a message yesterday about faith seems we might have heard the same sermon in different parts of the world :)
sending you safe hugs.


Wanda's Wings said...

Your friendship and accountiablity has help me grow so much. I feel this year has had so many up and down. RS did a great job today! ((PK))

JIP: It funny that God message is one of hope no matter where it is spoken. God does love all of us so much. ((( Safe hugs Alemia)))

wolfbaby said...

I am glad you found something to comfort you!!!