Saturday, April 03, 2010

Different Menu

Last year,ham, sweet potatoes, colored Easter eggs ,and of course 4 chocolate bunnies. This year a McDonald's sandwich and maybe a chocolate egg for one. You see my daughter and boyfriend moved out of state last July .I miss my kids so much! I actually forgot tomorrow was Sunday. At least I can call Alice and tell her how much I love her. Never forget to let them know how much you love them! They are the greatest gift we have.


rcubes said...

Praying God's love and comfort to cover you...Take care and may His strength be yours. God bless.

Mary said...

Oh Wanda!
There is nothing I can say to help with the pain. People mean well when they say your son is happy, but unless you have lost a child one cannot know the depth of pain you are feeling. We can imagine, but we do not know!!!!

But God knows. Continue to pour you heart, your hurt to Him.

May you find some joy and peace in what tomorrow brings.


Prayer Girl said...

I pray the power of God's love that resurrected our Lord will bring relief to you in your grief.

You are so right. I will be sure I let my children know I love them. We never know how long we will have them or for that matter how long any of us will be here.


Blooming Psycho said...

Wishing you peace and solace. Holidays alone can be terribly painful. I hope we (your online friends) can impart a little love to you as well although I know it is not the same as having your own family there.
Love from my heart to you.

Dreaming again said...

Wanda ... our house for dinner. I'm not kidding. We'd love to have your. Our normal extra family (Son # 3 & #4 are going to be with their real families)

We found a church we think we like. Services are at 10:30 (We're going to go to that Northside Christian Church in BA on Elm)

I will call you shortly after we get home to see if you're up for it and figure out time.

Anonymous said...

Peace my dear.

Catherine said...

Wanda, thinking of you today. Hope you can find some peace and comfort.

Love, Catherine

sarah said...

sending you a ton of blessings...Stay strong ok.