Monday, March 22, 2010

Fake It

I used to make it through a lot of things by faking it. Maybe "fake it to you make it" is key. Today I could barely get out of bed. A lot of 3-D people think I'm fine. I'll get better because I'm a fighter. I don't think I'll ever be fine again.


IK said...

I was just thinking about how things go along in life and then suddenly change. You and others are just never the same after.

I'm so sorry about your son. I couldn't imagine going through what you can. I'm glad you haven't given up.

Type here as much as you need about what you are going through. We are all listening and care.

Take care! *hugs* <3

Paula said...

Dear One, I am glad that you share evry day a bit. We do not know what teh future holds. I am happy that you make it through a moment, through an hour , through a day. One day at a time. Dont you think that is enough right now? I am thinking of you. Safe hugs.

Wendy Love said...

I understand 'faking it' too well. I have spent much of my life doing it. Honestly, it seems to me some days that the only time life is any good at all is when I 'fake it', but when the depression gets really bad, I can't even do that. So, I understand what you mean. Will you ever be 'fine' again? Yes, you will, but it will be a new kind of 'fine' but... you will get there time.

RCUBEs said...

Hang in there sister...May God continue to strengthen you.