Thursday, July 24, 2008

Manic Trip

Being manic can sure get you in trouble, but can also be fun if you don't go broke. I have a friend that is very bad for me when I manic, because she has money and I don't. Any way we took off on a 8 hour drive to Grace Land to see where the King had lived. We walked, talked, ate, and did every thing but sleep. No she is not bi-polar, but I kept her awake. The next day we go to the strip and gamble. Big mistake. Should not be there when you are manic. My feet are not even close to touching the earth. Drinks were free,but I only had one,but I was acting totally silly.My mouth was running a 100 miles per hour, so again we had little sleep. Beside that we got lost finding the motel . Day 3 was a repeat of day 2, I am still wired and can not sleep. We have a 8 hour drive the next day. We got home safely. I don't think she wants to take me any where else when I'm manic ever again. She slept 12 the next day and has had to take a nap ever day since the trip. I am finally not manic and I am hoping I don't have a major depression coming around the corner. Yes I did spend too much money.


Mike Golch said...

I got that same puppy on my blogger site.
Hugs and God's blessings mike G.said that.

Hopefulsl said...

By just reading this made me tired!!
((Ha,Ha,))But it sounds like you had
a great time....
And i will be praying that the depression stays away from you! I too
know all about that one, and I'm
trying very hard to keep it away from
me right now...I just posted on my blog that my son is starting back up!
We'll see i guess. I'll pray for both
of us, o.k....
Hugsss and Blessings to you!!!

Lily Strange said...

Since I have nothing to spend, when I spend it I always feel horrible afterwards. I've had friends like that but they've all gone away, disgusted by my perpetual brokeness.

Raine said...

If you are gonna gamble while manic- one- leave your money at home where you cant get to it. Two play the penny machines.

Wanda's Wings said...

YES I'm depressed about the money I spent,but at least I took Raine's advise and only played the penny machine.

Stacy I hope your son is OK. Lily I do feel horrible too.