Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daddy's Home "Triggering"

When Daddy came home, I pulled my blanket to my chin. I shut my eyes tight to look like I am asleep.But then he would close the door behind him. The touch he brought was oh so rough and
caused great pain. I tried to make it all go away. I begged Daddy please stop, it hurts I cried. He would keep going until he was satisfied Not hearing my cries or seeing my pain. He only cared his needs were met. Not that my life will now forever be changed. "
the littles"


keepers said...

Dear Littles

We are so sorry this happened to you. You did NOT deserve to be treated like that and you did NOTHING wrong. Please know that and that we care. Sending gentle and safe hugs to you.

Peace and blessings


keepers said...

Dear Littles

If you go to our website at
and go down you will see a picture by our littles that looks a lot like yours! We thought that was pretty amazing.



jumpinginpuddles said...

we are sorry your dad hurt you adn the fear you felt when he came home
many hugs

Tracy said...


Wanda's Wings said...

Keepers, OMG.We just look at your little art page. Feeling evil and big pain both have lighten bolts. It must be how littles see pain and fear.

Tamara said...

Words can't say how sorry I am that this happened to you.


Hopefulsl said...

What a sad story Wanda,i wish i could take it away. All i can do is pray for you!! Do not give up hope...
We are all here for you.
Big Hugs To You...

Mike Golch said...

Wanda, I just want to wrap you up in a big gebtil bear hug and take some of that hurt away.The best I can do is keep you in my prayers. {{{{Hugs}}}} and {{{{Blessings}}}}

Lily Strange said...

Some daddies (and some mommies) do not deserve to be parents.