Thursday, July 17, 2008

I haven't been feeling well so I haven't written in a while. I had a flare up of the lupus symptoms and have been in a lot of pain. I doing better now. I pick up a few more art supplies for my next project. As soon as I can use my hands again I'll start on my next piece. My mood has been more stable, but when I said that this morning my son had a big belly laugh. He said he never seen anyone change as quickly from one mood to the next as I do. WELL!!!! I guess he told me! Hopefully I feel better next week and can do more.


Tamara said...


I know lupus flares and I hate to feel one coming on. When my hands get so bad that I can't use them to type or anything else then I am devastated and depressed. Just don't take away my hands!!

Hope you are feeling better soon. I don't know about you but I do much worse in the summer when it is hot outside.

Take care,

Tracy said...

Awww big time hugs Wanda. I am sorry you have had such pain. I totally know that kinda pain. (((Wanda))) Women are allowed to have moods.... lol tell your son we all are that way.

Hopefulsl said...

Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather lately. But glad to see that you are starting to feel better. I look forward to seeing some more of your work!!! You do a great job at it, just like my twin Tracy!!!
You guys are lucky to have such talent.... I hope your son was only being funny when he said that????
Giggle, Giggle.
Love Stacy

keepers said...

we really hope your lupus is settling down and you are feeling better. please take care of yourself and know we are thinking of you!

peace and blessings


Anonymous said...

sorry that you were under the weather some Hugs and Blessings. I really liked the much so I swiped it.To be seen in a upcomming post!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Mary said...

Wanda Hope you are feeling better, and heres a hug for you..hugsssss....Mary take care

Lily Strange said...

Lupus sounds like even more fun than fibromyalgia. Interesting, but my fibromyalgia flares often come in conjunction with a depressive episode. One triggers the other perhaps, and then they feed each other. In some ways it helps me to know that I wasn't actually lazy like people always thought, I have an actual condition that causes this fatigue and soreness. On the other hand, knowing I have it for life rather sucks.