Monday, July 21, 2008


Broken No More

I was just a little girl of four,
When my daddy started coming to my door.
He said his touch was a special treat,
For his girl innocent and sweet.

I learned to cry myself to sleep.
The pain I felt was far to deep.
The room felt oh so dark and cold.
Oh the damage to my soul.

I learned the rules and played the game.
My life would never be the same.
The hate I felt, I turned within.
This was all because of his sin.

The walls I built turned my heart to stone.
No one could see I was all alone.
I never learned to laugh and play.
I only learned to run away.

Jesus looked down and saw my pain.
He wants to rid me of my shame.
He saw the beauty hidden within.
Jesus is putting me back together again.

Today I was working on a painting for my bedroom. Just some pretty flowers that match my Victorian room and I started thinking about my heart real desire to some how get the message out to prevent child abuse. I'm thinking about trying to put this poem on canvas. The horror the molested and abused child feels. Words can not real show the fear the child feels. Only an abused child's eyes can see this horror. I'm not sure I am strong enough to do this,but I have a real strong feeling about it. I feel I really must let this child speak on canvas.


Hopefulsl said...

I say go with your heart!!!!
Personally, i think that would be a great way to reach out to people who have had this kind of abuse....
Glad to have you back blogging with us....Oh, thanks for your sweet comment you left me. (( You put a smile on my face ))....

A- Truckers- Wife said...

It's sounds like something that's really hard to do, but seems very important to you, for it's on your heart to do it. I think you should do it, reach out to other people and in the process get some healing from it. Lots of hugs!! :)

keepers said...

she will feel so much better after she has been able to put to canvas some of her feelings, our littles were freer, more able to speak after they were allowed to draw and paint what was in their minds. Tell your littles our littles are sending them safe hugs

peace and blessings


Lily Strange said...

People who have had this happen have such a lost look in their eyes. Not vacant or soul-less but lost. The guy that inspired me to write my book has those kind of eyes. He was hurt a lot and that's why he isn't here any more. I'll probably never know the details but I'll eat my undershorts if I'm wrong on this!