Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dark Memories

Dark memories still fill my mind each day,
Like the fog in the damp and the cold.
They take me to dark places,
How can memories be so bold?

I try to fight these memories of old,
By puling my blanket over my head.
I know when they take me,
I will tremble in fear and dread.

How these memories from so long ago,
Still trouble me so deeply, even my soul?
Only a child then, these memories still have a hold.
To take me to dark places no one should go.

I try to rewrite new memories each day.
I look for new joy in all the good thing that I see.
But at night in the darkness, these memories try to stay.
Someday these dark memories,will have no hold over me. Wanda Arthington


Anonymous said...

Wanda My dear friend,I hope some day those dark memories fade and leave you alone as they have for the most for me. there are times they creep in but for the most part they stay locked away.

Mary said...

Wanda, so well written, I can relate to your poem. I hate having all the memories and flashbacks with me 24/7, they never seem to go away. I hope for you that they will not stay with you, and you can move on with your life...all the best. Mary

keepers said...

Dear Wanda

The memories and flashbacks will eventually come to an end or at least much less frequently, though that may not offer much solace now. Remember you have friends out here in cyber land who really do care and hold you in their hearts.

peace and blessings


Raine said...

Hang on Wanda!!!