Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm trying very hard to focus on the good and not so much the bad. It has been hard to post recently, because I didn't want to be negative. My daughter Alice called today and sounded so depressed. I just want to hug her so badly. Seems sometimes life has more darkness in it than light. I just keep trying to look for the good. This can be very hard at times.
I have decided that my past ,my mental illness, and my general health are not the only things that can control my mood. I have my faith and friends to up lift me. We have each other which is so important to know. We are not alone. I want this to be a good year. I am working hard to do what I can to continue to heal and get stronger. One day at a time is all we can live.


Wonderingsoul said...

just so you know, I have been following... I'm so relieved to hear about your sister's progress.
You are strong Wanda... I know you may not always feel that way, but you are.
Life does seem to offer more pain sometimes... I wish I knew why. But you are right.
One day at a time is the only way to manage.

I'm thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok.


Anonymous said...

Wanda, your strength always astonishes me. You've been through (and are going through) so much, yet you still look for the positives in life. I'm really glad you do that. I suspect it has kept you going during some very tough times.

And I know I'm not your friend "in real life," but I hope I can help uplift you too.

Wishing you well,

Sophia said...

Your words are so very true, Wanda. You hang in there. I have a friend here who has gone through such great loss like you, and they struggle with alot of the same things. They too, are choosing to focus on the good....the now and the future and turning their back to the past. It's working. It may be a slow process, but it does work.

So, don't give you. You are loved OH SO MUCH by many of us.

Hugs! :)

Just Be Real said...

Wanda I can just imagine the pain you are going through. I am very sorry. ((((Wanda))))

RCUBEs said...

One day at a time...That's okay if that's what you can do...But keeping you in prayers. May the Lord bless you sister.