Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Bit Of This And That

First my sister is doing great. Praise the Lord. She is out of ICU now. She will most likely have to go home on oxygen, so she is really going to have to stop smoking.

Second I have got all my window covering up now. Looks perry good, if I do say so myself. I now have to start the deep cleaning. Ugh! I found out if I list the mobile home with the rental agency that they do all the paper work and list the property on their web site. The cost is unbeatable! I am hoping to put it up next week.

It's very cold here right now. We have a little snow, but the streets are fairly clear. The wind chill will drop the temperatures below  zero tonight. I will have to drip the water to prevent freezing pipes.

I'm doing OK. I'm still battling with depression and missing Chris a lot. He will have been gone 1 year on the 28th of the month. I still cry when I think about he is gone. It just somehow doesn't seem real.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your sister is okay! That me such a relief for you.

Good luck cleaning your mobile home. For me cleaning can be therapeutic-- I hope it's like that for you! (Then again, maybe that's my OCD talking.)

I'm sorry you're still battling depression. It's a terrible, awful disease. But we are going through this together, and we will be stronger together.

Wishing you well,

Tracy said...

Wanda, good news about your sister...I will continue to pray. It sounds like you are doing 'better' which I know is relative but now that you have a focus of putting your home up for sale and getting it in 'sellable' order, the depression will ease some.
I'll be thinking of you!

Faycin A Croud said...

I am glad your sister is doing better. It's very cold here too. It barely got to ten degrees (fahrenheit) today.
I wish I could say that I found cleaning therapeutic. But I find it about as therapeutic as being impaled! It's an awful torture to me. I hope you don't have that trouble.

Faycin A Croud (too lazy to log in) said...

I found this quote by Edgar Cayce and thought of you. I thought you might find it inspiring.

Though the conditions about you, about any soul, may be as torments - by the activities, the speeches, the obligations of others - they are only used as puppets, and are as nothing but that self may overcome those influences; and thus does the soul comprehend and understand that in Him, the Maker, the Christ, ONLY is light - and that self lost in Him may meet all karmic forces... 256-5

MOLLYE said...

Don't despair sweet sister, God has you in his hands. Love Mollye