Monday, August 02, 2010

Can't Sleep

Another night where I can't sleep! This is getting old. I got up did some cleaning hoping that would help me relax enough to fall asleep. No luck so far. I just hate it when I can't shut my mind down. I've taken my nerve medicine, but it's not helping. Maybe if I lay down again I'll have better luck. I hate it when my mind is going a 100 miles per hour. Let me try to think peaceful thoughts.


Denise said...

Asking God to bless you with peaceful sleep, love you.

Just Be Real said...

Praying that things will ease for you dear one and your spirit will be calm.

Dreaming again said...

It was so good to see you. I told Bj hi from you and he brightened up and said "you know, she's welcome to come over at any time, right?" (told you they adored you!) When I told Don, he said same.

I have to tell you was so much nicer to run into you there than my mother! *blink*

Anonymous said...

Not being able to fall or stay asleep is the worst! I'm sorry you're going through this, Wanda. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tonight will be better.

Wishing you well,