Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life Is Forever Changing

Life is forever changing 

Moods, feelings, and surroundings change with the dawn of each day
Still some things remain the same and unchanged
Sunshine comes with the morning to take the darkness away
While cool breezes and rain are the making of another day

The smell of flowers fill the air in Spring time
 But they sleep as the cold winter air blankets the ground
Bird sing songs that are soon memories of the warm days gone by
Life as the season always changing for a new day

Each day offers new beginnings, A day for new hope or despair
Yesterdays pain are still lingering, but help make us stronger 
No magic wand can change the past or remove the hurts
Only the strong resolve offers hope for us and  others

Our lives are a story written to help and care for others
We choose to make others stronger by our endurance
By sharing and loving each other, new hope come with the dawn of day
Today  is all that is promised and all we can change is this very day


Chatty Crone said...

It is forever changing and the hard thing is we have to change with it!

Bobbi said...

Hi Wanda! This is beautiful... and I've been so blessed by it. Thanks for sharing this... (((HUG)))

Anonymous said...

Hi darling,

this was so beautiful, I have tears filling my eyes right now...

Thank you,

God Whispers said...

Amen to this Wanda. Blessings.

rcubes said...

Beautiful...My eyes glued to the word "endurance" and how true! Living life is learning how to endure. Only then we are able to survive as we focus on what lies ahead....Hope and future. God bless.

Dreaming again said...

am I safe in guessing the inspiration?

I'll be there Sunday .. at least that's the plan.