Monday, April 11, 2011


I've been eating all the wrong food this week, because I am so broke. I have not been able to go to the store to get the fresh vegetables and fruits. I have eaten way too many carbohydrates and the scale is showing it. It's so depressing to be on such a tight income. This makes me so depressed I can not stand it. I still have 3 more days until I get paid.  I hoping I have enough gas to get to my therapist tomorrow and back home. Being on a fixed income sucks big time.  Next week I'll have to hit the veggies hard. Why is healthy food so much more expensive.?  No wonder there is so much obesity among the poor.

My friend Y had to have an echo cardiogram of her heart and it shows regurgitation. She's seeing a cardiologist tomorrow. I hope this can be treated with medicine. I'm worried about her. She's not having any symptoms except she gets tired quickly. I think I'm more anxious than she is.


Bobbi said...

You're so right, it is so wrong that healthy food is so expensive! Hopefully summer will bring the cost of fresh veggies down.

Chatty Crone said...

As soon as they learn something is healthy the price goes up. They take stuff out of it and the price goes up. It is a never ending battle.

I am so sorry you are having such a struggle and prayers for your friend.


Mari said...

Hi Wanda,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I get frustrated with the cost of healthy food too. Junk food is so much cheaper. When you add in the cost of gas, it's getting impossible to deal with!

Tracy said...

I have the same thoughts about foods; why ARE the healthy foods the most expensive and the government wonders why we have an obesity problem? DUH!!!

take good care of yourself...thinking of you :)

Anonymous said...

Healthy food IS expensive! I totally agree. Being a college student on a budget really makes it tough to get fruits and vegetables that fit my meal plan.

I hope your friend is okay. She and you are in my thoughts.

Hang on!

Wishing you well,

Anonymous said...

A garden?
Grow it.