Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Storm Damage

We have been having a lot of storms with rain, wind, and hail. Unfortunately it has caused some damage to my roof. I had someone out to look at it today and give me a price quote. He says he can fix it tomorrow if it is not raining again. Lucky where the damage is it should not leak per the repair man.I think they are forecasting rain again for tonight and tomorrow. UGH! This is all I needed at this time since I just fixed the brakes on my car.

I can not seem to catch up. Every time I think I'm going to get a chance to catch up there is something else goes wrong. I guess if it weren't for bad luck I have no luck at all. I just want to have a little fun every once and  awhile!


Bobbi said...

Boy, I know what you mean!! Hopefully things will get better.. :)

Tracy said...

That seems to be the way it works sometimes...I think it's called life! I need to remind myself that it IS life or otherwise, I get really down...
here's hoping it can get fixed soon!

63mago said...

Yes, one thing repaired, next brakes ... no worries. This roof must be repaired asap, water can cause substantial damage.
It will be better, Wanda.

NOS said...

And you deserve that fun! I know rain is awful-- but at least while you're inside you can do some of your drawings, right? That is, if you wanted to. I think you're so talented.

Wishing you well,

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh you HAVE been hit - hard - with a lot. You must be a strong person - I remember Mother Teresa say - I know God won't give us more then we can handle - I just wish he didn't think I could handle so much.

We are getting really bad storms tonight. Hope your rood gets fixed. My son's is leaking and they think they need a whole new roof.

You can do some free fun things - turn on the radio and dance, draw, go out and get a chocolate dessert.

Hope you are doing okay.

Chantay said...

It was a good decision to have your roof checked and repaired the soonest possible. Our roof was also damaged by storm before. We immediately called our trusted roofer and had our roof fixed right away. Anyway, just keep on doing your work and I'm sure that your family will appreciate it.

Chantay Smithingell

Mariam said...

I'm sorry to know that you had to go through these mishaps consecutively, Wanda. How's your roof now? I hope it was fixed ASAP. Sadly, damages on our roof due to storms are inevitable. I do hope you got back up from this uneventful moment already.

Mariam Freame

Tisa See said...

Of course, we all deserve to have fun once in a while. I'm sure that you are not alone in this, so don't feel bad about it. Anyway, the best way we can protect or maintain the good condition of our roof is by giving it proper maintenance whenever possible. The same goes with our car, food, water, and other basic necessities. We can't control weather, but we can control our reaction towards it.