Thursday, December 09, 2010

Warmeth Is A Smile

Emotions running deep
Both hot and cold
Afraid to reach out to touch
Rejections causes a burning pain
Cold is your protector
Nothing can penetrate the ice
But wait coldness of ice burned too
Feelings still come through the wall of ice
 Something warm touches the heart
The heat feels a warm glow
Yes  a soothing calm a tiny smile appears
Healing can begin in the warmth of a smile

You never know how much just the warmth of a smile can do. In giving a smile a way we can project healing of  a broken heart. Comfort to a soul that is cold and in pain. Just give a few seconds and show someone you care. Yes God's love shinning through the darkest if nights, all by a deep felt heart warming smile. 


Anonymous said...

I'm here smiling at you!


June_Butterfly said...

Agree with you.Smile can indeed work wonders.

Beautiful post,Wanda .The pic is very cute,too.

Hope you're feeling much better,now!Take Care!