Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sometimes I wonder how much pain and suffering one human being can endure. It has been trauma after trauma in my life. The mental  anguish is almost more than I can take. I'm tired of having to fight so hard. Has anyone else ever felt this way? I know I need to continue to fight, but I'm exhausted. There is just too much pain in this world. Oh God Why? I'm just so tired.  I hurt so badly. I just don't know how much more I can take.


Mike Golch said...

I feel that wayu a lot. some relaxing music of your choise(mine is Hammered dulicmer Music) helps me.there are some days that my depressiong gets so bad it is not funny.Hang in there kiddo! Big Time Golch Central Hug.

BabyDeanna said...

I deeply agree with you on this. This is how I am also feeling right now. Every time I turn around, it seems I am faced with disappointment and getting hurt by someone. It's almost as if life has it in for me. I can never be happy it seems because whenever I plan to do something that will make me happy (even trying to make someone else happy), life has other plans that don't involve me being happy. Hang in there. If you ever need someone who knows exactly how you feel to talk to, I'm here for you.

Sophia said...

I know, Wanda. I too have been there. You just hang on and keep pushing through. Lift your head up to God and he will give you the strength. It does get easier through time. I'm finally at what seems that turning point for don't you give up! :)


Tracy said...

It's okay to feel that way; like you just can't go on, but that is when you depend on your Almighty Maker and know there is a plan for you! And you pick yourself up and take one step at a time...bit by bit you move and hugs!

Anonymous said...

I wonder the same thing. I know the past year and a half have been tumultuous for you. You HAVE been fighting so hard. But please, please hang on. One day I know you are going to feel relief and you should be around to see that day. You are loved by your daughter, your friends, and your blogging community. I hope that comforts you some.

Wishing you well,

God Whispers said...


Wonderingsoul said...

Dear Wanda,

Yep. I've felt like that... and to be honest, I haven't suffered even one shred of what you have been through so I can only just begin to understand the depth of your cry.
Dear Wanda, I hope you are feeling a little bit better when you reaad this.
You have had such a struggle and I hope you can feel the arms of others around you when things are so dark.
You have come so far and been so brave. Please don't give up. There is so much more than this ahead of you.

Much love


Faycin A Croud said...

I do feel that way a lot, though you have certainly gone through way more than I have and none of it deserved.

Anonymous said...

Hello Wanda. I have no idea how much is tolerable. And I do not know exactly what happens when the limit is reached and stepped over. I was at my personal limit and am glad to have returned, it took some time.
What ever it is in your body, it will be cleared - it IS already detected.
I hope your walking is getting better. Maybe there is nothing to fight, just going with the flow. But I have no idea.

Clueless said...


You have been through so much pain this year. I pray that the new year renews your strenght and hope.

Last year was a horrible year for me and one of the things that I tell God is "I know that trials build character, but if this continues I'm going to become about Snoopy."

Hang in there!!

Blessings and prayers,