Monday, December 07, 2009

Thank You

Thank you Audrinna for the award. Thank everyone for you love and support through this difficult time. My doctor said the medication should be kicking in within the next couple of days. This award is available for everyone that has stood by my side.


Audrinna said...


Andrea said...

I was coming here to give you the same award. I am praying the meds kick in quickly.
Blessings, andrea

Prayer Girl said...

Instead of claiming this award for myself, I choose to turn all the good feelings it would generate back to you.

God bless. Let us know when the medication "kicks in". We'll be waiting to hear.


Raine said...

I hoe the medication kicks in and has a positive impact on you and soon. Keep posting, I'm reading!

Gaia said...

I am also praying that one day, you will not need this medication.