Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cats


Jesse Mendez said...


oh how cute!

my girlfriend Julian put a
christmas sweater on Mickey
her son Zach's cat, and told
me that he kind of like
crawled forwards rather
than standing up

I hope you are well... :)

Just Be Real said...

Sweet Wanda, very sweet. Thank you for posting these cuties.

Prayer Girl said...

My kitty wouldn't sit still for an outfit like that - no way, no how.

Very cute picture.


Dreaming again said...

hehehehe can you picture Twitch sitting for a picture like that? (of coarse, if you're in the room, he'd be so intent on glaring at you that he'd probably not notice he'd been dressed up. The grudge carrying kitty!)

Sophia said...


sarah said...

awwww. too cute.

Linda said...

cute......Merry Christmas to you!!!

Gaia said...

Just adorable! :)