Friday, January 23, 2009

Little of This & Little of That

I got my full sized Yorkie yesterday. She is very loving, but very nervous. She is suppose to be house broken, but is not doing too well with that. I guess it the new environment and all. She does go when I take her out (which is frequently), but also has accidents. She is still afraid of Chris, but getting better around him. I don't think she was around too many males before. We are already getting attached to each other. I think this will really help with my depression. Also I am getting exercise walking the dog.

My new therapist called yesterday and gave me her pager number and told me if I needed her at any time to just give her a page. That really impressed me, but kind of caught me off guard. She also worked me in for a sooner appointment next Friday. She sounded like she was concerned and very nice.

I had a flashback at my part time job Wednesday. Not cool! Fortunately it was in the back room in medical records and nobody saw or heard anything. I have been under a lot of stress, so I guess that is what triggered it. I can not afford to lose the part time job. The disability check alone is not enough to make it.


Raine said...

shes adorable!!!

Linda said...

the therapist sounds great & seems like they will be able to really help you. yay for getting a dog. Give it time to ajust. What did you name it? Keep your chin up & stay strong!!

'Tart said...

Congratulations on getting the Yorkie!!:)

Dreaming again said...

so glad the therapist gave you her pager number! given the clinic ..that's not a bad deal! My therapist told me "don't expect return calls!"

(however, she does do emails ..and even when I say ..this is just for you, don't bother returning the email, she does it anyway)